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Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014

Curricular Items

Curricular Items

From the Chair of the College Senate Curriculum Committee
Please note that the College Senate Curriculum Committee does not meet during winter break; therefore, any course or program proposals that have been submitted but have not yet been reviewed will be reviewed by the CSCC in spring 2014. The College Senate Office will continue to accept and log curricular items that will be forwarded to the CSCC.

Advanced to the Curriculum Committee
The following have been received in the College Senate Office and forwarded to the College Senate Curriculum Committee for spring 2014 review:

New Courses:
COM 342 Audio and Music in Media. Study of the role of audio and music in various media formats; hands-on approach to music and sound effect selection, production, manipulation, and integration in media.

DES 472 Motion Design 2. Prerequisites: DES 378 and DES 379. Integrates type, graphics, and image using the language of motion, emphasizing story and ideation in time-based media. Real-world applications include title and credit sequences, product previsualization, interactive interfaces, advertising, and entertainment.

MUS 422 Music Leadership, Management, and Administration. Prerequisite: MUS 273. Seminar course in theoretical and applied concepts of leadership, management, and administration for musicians and music educators. Case studies, frameworks, and practical scenarios of music classrooms, orchestras, and community arts organizations are presented, discussed, researched, and analyzed.

SPC 326 Film Analysis and Evaluation. Aesthetic and philosophical analysis and evaluation of media; focus on ethical issues and themes found in films and media; considering film as an art form; reflection on values, morals, relationships relating to social questions. Writing intensive.

SPC 426 Documentary Analysis. Prerequisite: COM 215. Study of selected themes, ideas, and movements of the documentary film through analysis of representative documentaries; each semester focuses on specific documentary genre. Includes major modes of documentary production. Historical, social, ethical, and artistic developments of the documentary. Students develop a significant research project focused on selected topic.

Course Revisions:
DES 382 Digital 3-D I. Prerequisites: DES 377 and DES 380. Creation of digital 3-D objects and environments for print, video, and motion design. Modeling, lighting, and surfacing objects in the CG (computer graphics) environment using industry standard software.

SPA 421 Structure of Modern Spanish. Prerequisite: SPA 302 or equivalent. A thorough analysis of Spanish linguistics, including its diachronic, phonemic, phonological, morphosyntactic, and sociopragmatic aspects. Targets American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) advanced-mid level proficiency. Taught in Spanish.

THA 335 Costume Design. Prerequisite: THA 234 or instructor permission. Introduction to costume design for a variety of period and contemporary genres; script analysis, design theory, historical research, rendering skills, fabric selections. Equivalent course: THA 311.