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Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014

Response to College Senate Recommendation: Further Revisions to 2009 Academic Clemency Policy

At its May 14, 2010, meeting, the College Senate voted on revisions to a resolution on academic clemency previously approved by the president in 2009. These changes are now being forwarded to the president for review and action.

Revised Academic Clemency Policy – May 2010

Below are the revised changes to the original motion that the Senate is recommending to the president:

The May 2010 motion changes the current clemency policy in the following ways:

  1. The two clemency semesters can be non-consecutive (not just consecutive as current policy states).
  2. There is no longer the 30-credit limit for clemency as stated in the current policy.
  3. The requirement for a student’s cumulative GPA to go above 2.0 after clemency is applied is removed.
  4. These sentences are removed: “Any mathematics or English competency requirements fulfilled during the clemency period will still be recognized. However, any credit hours associated with these requirements will be removed and must be replaced with other coursework.”

Academic Clemency (approved by the College Senate, May 2010)

Any student with a Buffalo State GPA of less than 2.0 is eligible to apply for academic clemency when he or she applies for readmission to the college through the Admissions Office. The student’s last semester of enrollment must have been at least three years prior to the application for admission. Students can request clemency for up to two semesters of work (consecutive or non-consecutive). These semesters are to be determined by the student in consultation with appropriate offices (dean, Educational Opportunity Program, etc.). A decision of clemency includes all coursework taken within the semester(s) at Buffalo State; it is not selectively applied. Clemency is applied only after a student has registered for an upcoming semester.

I approve the changes to the Academic Clemency Policy voted on by the College Senate in 2010 and recommended to me in December 2013. I charge the provost with the responsibility to implement the changes, effective immediately, and to notify appropriate college personnel of the new language.