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Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2013

Implementation of the Revised Buffalo State Intellectual Foundations Program

Presidential approval of the revised Intellectual Foundations program was announced in the March 8, 2013, issue of the Daily Bulletin. Buffalo State will implement the revised program for students entering in fall 2014. This effective date provides the necessary time for many actions including the following to occur in support of the implementation:

  • Implement the program using the Degree Works Audit System, expected to be functional at Buffalo State in early spring 2014.
  • Allow for focused revisiting of student learning outcomes in Intellectual Foundations and alignment of courses with these outcomes.
  • Provide time for proper notification and planning to all stakeholders including current students, prospective students, transfer institutions including those with articulation agreements, SUNY and SUNY transfer paths, many campus offices, and faculty advisers.
  • Align the implementation date with the course scheduling process.
  • Address Buffalo State realignment and staffing needs to prepare for CWP 102 transition, global engagement options, and infused competencies.

By addressing the above and other items, we can be assured of a successful fall 2014 implementation.

It is important to note that the revised program becomes effective for new students entering in fall 2014. As indicated in the March 8, 2013, approval statement, procedures will be in place to allow currently enrolled students expecting to graduate in December 2014 or later to switch to the new program if it is advantageous to them. These procedures will be outlined as part of the fall 2014 implementation.

The current Intellectual Foundations program remains in effect as the program of record for all students anticipating graduation prior to December 2014. Requests and appeals to mix current requirements with those becoming effective in fall 2014 will not be approved.