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Posted: Monday, October 14, 2013

An Invitation to Join the American Host Family Program

Students from all over the world enroll at Buffalo State, and an important part of their orientation is the opportunity to learn firsthand about our cultural patterns, economic and political outlooks, and everyday language skills. These experiences can assist them in class discussions and in their social relations with other students. It also gives them a better understanding of the American culture they will take back with them to their home countries.

The American Host Family Program is designed to give an international student a family with whom he or she can visit, enjoy an occasional meal, celebrate holidays, participate in community sporting and cultural events, and gain insight about our country and culture. The program also gives host families the opportunity to learn about another country’s culture, holidays, and language. (It is important to note that it will be up to the host family and the student to discuss when and how often they will meet.)

International students are often far from home and do not see their families for months or even years. Some students may find the transition from their home country to our country very difficult. Being without their families and friends and adapting to a new culture and a new school can be difficult in many ways. The warm support of an American family can help alleviate their fears and frustrations.

We hope that your family will be interested in participating in this program.

Please call Pat Schindler, graduate intern in the International Student Affairs Office, at ext. 5331 to join the Buffalo State American Host Family Program.

Submitted by: Michel