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Posted: Thursday, May 16, 2013

Underground Utilities Project: Impacts to Parking and Pedestrian Traffic

On Monday, May 20, Buffalo State will begin the second phase of its rehabilitation of underground utilities in and around Rockwell Quadrangle. Listed below are immediate impacts of the project on parking and pedestrian traffic. Please watch the Daily Bulletin for updates.

Temporary Closure of Lot X: Lot X will close on May 20 and will remain closed through summer 2013. The accessible northwest entrance to Rockwell Hall will be open through May 27, at which time accessible entry will be moved to the east doors and the northwest entrance will be closed.

Temporary Closure of Portions of Lot W: On May 20, about 75 percent of the parking spaces in Lot W will come off-line and will be unavailable through summer 2013. The remaining spaces will be those in the northern portion of the lot. The entrance to Lot W will be relocated to the northeast, and signage will be moved to the new entry point. Please reduce speed and drive with caution when approaching the relocated entrance.

Temporary Closure of Various Building Entrances: On May 20, the perimeter of the underground utilities construction area will be relocated, necessitating temporary closure of some building entrances. These doors will be unavailable for regular pedestrian traffic and will be used as emergency exits only:

  • E. H. Butler Library south entrance
  • Cleveland Hall east entrance
  • Bacon Hall northwest entrance
  • Donald Savage Building south and east entrances

A map showing access to pedestrian routes and building entrances in the area of the construction will be updated regularly, as changes occur.

Please visit the campus construction website for further information about capital projects. Questions about these infrastructure improvements can be directed to vpfm@buffalostate.edu.

Thank you for your patience as the underground utilities project continues.

Submitted by: Jill Powell
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